Parthenon vs Hekatompedon

The "Hundred Foot Temple" on the Acropolis mount in Athens, Greece, usually known as the Parthenon.

The wrong name for centuries?

Parthenon vs Hekatompedon

Dr van Rookhuijzen from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, published in 2019 at the American Journal of Archaeology and the National Geographic Magazine, Dutch edition, that her research indicates that ancient writings referred to the central structure on the Acropolis as the Hekatompedon, i.e., "the hundred-foot temple."

The Erechtheion appears to be the actual Parthenon (translation: "house of virgins") which is a smaller structure nearby decorated with the famous statues of young maidens called "the Caryatids."

CARYATID - The Erechtheion

The Erechtheion in Athens Greece

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